F&F were facing increased competition from their supermarket peers, high-street brands and online players alike when they approached us in 2016. They needed a new strategic and creative positioning that would deliver a measurable step-change to differentiate it from its competitors and elevate its fashion credentials.


The Challenge

Because despite the convenience of being able to shop for clothes and groceries at the same time, there was something about putting a new dress in the same basket as your chicken dinner that understandably, was rather unappealing for consumers. For this reason, F&F’s supermarket competitors all had the exact same strategy – distance themselves from their parent-brand as much as possible and act as a stand-alone fashion retailer. But instead of shying away from F&F’s location, what if we highlighted the benefits that it could bring to time-strapped women up and down the country?


The ODD Solution

So we decided to lean into F&F’s supermarket heritage and champion its location as a point of difference. Because F&F represents the fun part of the supermarket shop. It’s the aisle where kaftans and flip-flops can break up the humdrum of the shopping list. And where ‘accidental’ dresses get bought by customers who were only popping out for a pint of milk. 


Our global campaign platform, ’Supermarket Woman’, launched across TV, digital, print, out of home, social and an always-on content strategy.


Since then, we’ve continued to create new iterations which continue to highlight the value and convenience aspects of the brand. 


Whilst celebrity partnerships with the likes of Davina McCall and a sponsorship deal with ITVbe have created a consistent brand world and continued to drive brand re-appraisal.


Beautiful Effectiveness

Over our four year partnership, our campaigns have exceeded key metrics across all channels, and created the highest rate of ad recall in F&F’s history. We’ve also leapfrogged the competition, jumping from 8th to 2nd in the high street fashion rankings. 

  • 6:1 ROI
  • 1000% Increase in instagram followers
  • 8% Increase in brand perception
  • 70% Higher engagement than the competition