When is a Christmas jumper not just an ordinary Christmas jumper? When it’s a Primark Christmas jumper of course!



Christmas jumpers have become a tradition in the UK, with sales rising by 235% in 2014 according to OneHydra. In 2015, Primark wanted to own the market and be seen as the ‘go-to’ destination on the high street and in so doing, helping to raise money for the Text Santa charity appeal.


The ODD Solution

Our strategy was to engage with Primark’s passionate fan-base with a series of social activations around the theme of Christmas jumpers that would culminate in a grand finale on Christmas Jumper day itself.

The campaign and social conversation kicked off with the launch of the ‘Ultimate Christmas Jumper’; a custom-made, one-off snowing jumper. And to engage and inspire our target audience to get involved, this was closely followed by the release of six fun and fashionable ‘create-your-own’ Christmas jumper videos shared across YouTube and Instagram.

As Christmas Jumper Day drew closer, Primark upped-the-ante and challenged its fan base to have their Christmas jumpers at the ready for a Twitter campaign like no other.

The culmination of the activity saw Primark reveal the characterful and psychic Mystic Mother Christmas who invited individuals to share their Christmas jumper ‘selfies’ using the hashtag #mysticmotherchristmas. The best were rewarded with either a personalised video message announcing their Primark Christmas fortune or an entertaining piece of shareable content.

Primark have always maintained a light-hearted sense of humour, but this initiative put it to the test in the brand’s first ever real-time Twitter campaign. Although a logistical challenge in itself to deliver, effectively the success of the activity depended not only on #Mysticmotherchristmas resonating with Primark’s broad target audience, but that they would get behind it and get involved!

The digital and socially-led campaign sought to entertain, engage and inspire our broad audience – men & women, young & old to get into a Christmas Jumper state of mind.


Beautiful Effectiveness

In one day Mystic Mother Christmas had 82 million estimated impressions, with 64% of branded Christmas jumper conversations on Twitter being Primark related – over 6 x that of their competitors. 

  • 82m+ impressions across digital in one day
  • £1m+ raised for the Text Santa charity appeal
  • 7% rise of sales YOY