River Island recognised the fashion landscape was becoming increasingly democratised and tasked ODD with developing a stronger and more differentiating campaign message, which embodied the brand’s values and personality.


The ODD Solution

Despite long-term shifts in behaviour and attitudes towards identity and self-expression, particularly amongst Gen-Z, the fashion industry at large still advocates certain ideals and behaviours. Fashion is a means by which individuals can reflect their multi-dimensional sense of self – from tailored, to tom-boy and pretty to preppy. As the late great Alexander McQueen once said, “Fashion should be a form of escapism, not a form of imprisonment”.


Whereas previous campaigns had been product or season specific, ODD’s strategy was to tackle the concept of identity and self-expression head on, by challenging and reframing the unspoken rules which prevent and restrain us.    


The campaign seeks to encourage, celebrate and give people the confidence to express their individuality and have fun with fashion.


The art direction embraces multiple identities and looks, while the social activation features a series of influencers taking a specific fashion trend, subverting it and making it their own.


Beautiful Effectiveness

The results of River Island’s target-market research show that the campaign has had a positive impact across all key brand metrics; including brand perception, consideration and fit.

  • +11% Increase in consumer perception metrics
  • +9% Campaign feels more in line with the brand
  • +7% Uplift in consideration YOY