With the help of Davina, F&F sets about ‘Training the Nation’

F&F is on a mission to Train the Nation: uniting people from all over the UK to take part in a large-scale national exercise event… all from the comfort of their lounges.

Inspired by a desire for ease and convenience when it comes to exercise, F&F’s latest Active campaign focuses on micro-training opportunities that take place in-between the ad break of the nation’s favourite TV shows.

In an innovative creative and media solution, F&F are taking over the ad-breaks during ITV’s prime day time scheduling, with Davina McCall offering inspiring, fun and accessible training videos for people across the country to join in with.

With each film focusing on a different exercise and muscle group, the 15 ads are all unique and vary in length according to the media-buy.

The idea is perfectly suited to F&F, who’s Active Range offers technical and high performance fitness-wear that is accessible, desirable and affordable, whilst also delivering on Tesco’s philosophy ‘Every Little Helps’.

Chris Other, Global Brand & Marketing Director, F&F said: “What excites us about this idea and our partnership with Davina is establishing a healthy living behaviour and inspiring our time-poor customers to fit exercise seamlessly into their daily routine.”

Davina McCall, the face of F&F’s Active wear range said: “It’s an honour to have the chance to Train the Nation with F&F. A genuine feel-good cause, where women and men across the country can tone abs, flex biceps and get those bums peachy, all while enjoying their favourite TV shows. It’s exercise made easy.”


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