Dobbies Garden Centre Prove They’re Anything But Average This Christmas

As the UK’s leading garden centre retailer, and one which offers everything from events and gifting alongside their gardening offering, there’s no denying that Dobbies are anything but your average garden centre.

‘The Joy of Dobbies’ brings to life the magical experience of a trip to the retailer during the festive period. Abstract, impactful and unexpected, the trip of campaign films feature a bauble-filled hot-tub, a sledging poodle and raining mince-pies. All an entertaining ode to the fact that nothing that beats the feeling of a trip to Dobbies at Christmas.

Strategically, the campaign also launches Dobbie’s new positioning, Not Your Average Garden Centre, cementing the retailer’s ambition to move beyond ‘garden centre’ and instead be seen as a lifestyle destination, making them more relevant to more people more often thanks to the multitude of experiences that supplement its horticulture heritage.

The campaign launches on the 9th November and will run across TV, VOD, press, radio, social and digital throughout the UK and NI.


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