Does poor treatment of workers have an effect on brand reputation?

As Boohoo faces a modern slavery investigation following reports of the appalling treatment of factory workers in Leicester, our Founder & ECD Nick Stickland speaks to Campaign Magazine about the effect it could have on brand reputation.

“When you look at popular culture, there are countless characters with bad boy/girl reputations who experience no adverse effects on their product or credibility. In fact, a myriad of individuals have indeed thrived under that exact persona. But when it comes to brands, few manage to do so well. A squeaky clean image really is the only option, especially in such a precarious vertical as fashion.

So for a brand built to service Gen Z, one can only assume that their core customers’ outspoken distain on the ill treatment of our planet and our people will cause a revolt against the bad practices that have existed for too long. Unless, of course, what we’ve been hearing is the vocal minority.

Only time will tell whether consumers genuinely will #BoycottBoohoo or if the fast-fashion paradox will continue to fuel sales of £5 bodycon dresses behind closed teenage-bedroom doors. I certainly hope it’s the former. Because whilst consumers (and shareholders) might benefit from the embarrassing mountain of sales of impossibly cheap clothing – we know that someone, somewhere, along the supply chain is paying the true price.”

Read the full article here.


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