Introducing Youth Oracles

No one can predict the future, obviously. But we believe our futures should be envisioned by those who actually are OUR FUTURE (i.e. Gen Z) to create something people will desire not just now, but for years to come.

“We are being discarded. Pretty much our lives resemble the plastic material. I call our generation Plastic Youth.” —Zidi, Shanghai

May they be discarded no more. Doesn’t matter what business you’re in or what brand you are, the wisdom of youth is an asset valuable to all. So Youth Oracles is dedicated to them: their opinions and their content to help us envision our futures for the better.

In this first edition, we consulted 31 Youth Oracles in London, Shanghai, LA, Tokyo, Madrid, Seoul and Lagos to see what they truly desire. Research was done with the Irregular Labs community.

What you’ll find here are pages packed with provocative ideas, powerful images, and practical tools for getting true foresight back. Because to be future-focused is to be youth-led—they’re one and the same.

Have a question for the Youth Oracles? Want a hard copy?  Reach out.


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