Modest Fashion: The Industry’s Best Kept Secret

Modest Fashion is a phrase that’s been gaining momentum in fashion’s lexicon for nearly a decade but which so far, seems to have eluded the attention of many of the mainstream players.

But as a billion-dollar industry and one of fashion’s fastest growing sectors, we were intrigued to find out what it meant for the clients we work with every day, and who the Muslim women were fuelling it in the UK. 

To do so, we set up a new division: M:LIFE – aimed at advising brands on how to drive desire amongst Muslim consumers in an informed and authentic way.

Our first study, Modest Fashion: The Industry’s Best Kept Secret, uncovers the lifestyles of British Muslims and how they shop, and why assumptions and misconceptions have lead to 86% of them feeling ignored by mainstream brands. 

It delves into why Muslims in the UK spend 16% more on fashion than the average British woman, and reveals why the current landscape presents a golden opportunity for brands to connect with the 93% of Muslim Women who said a modest line would encourage them to visit your store.  

You can download a copy of our summary report, which uncovers the first three insights from our research into Modest Fashion, below.

Or to find out more about the M:LIFE workshop and how we can help your brand become Muslim ready, please contact Hope Abel on


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