Vogue goes virtual with “A Moment with the Met”

As the fashion industry laments “the first Monday in May” without The Met Gala, our CO-Founder and ECD Nick Stickland speaks to Campaign Magazines about the virtual event Vogue hosted its place.

“One thing that Vogue has done so well with The Met Gala is remind us of the importance of non-traditional thinking. Whether it’s Harry Styles interpreting the Camp theme alongside Alessandro Michele in Gucci, or Rhianna’s meme-spawning custard-coloured 2015 Guo Pei masterpiece. Under the helm of Anna Wintour, the event has cemented both itself and the magazine in cultural conversation for the last two decades.

Is a short content series live-streamed on YouTube the most innovative approach? Probably not. Does it step on the toes of many other brands who have enlisted the help of Virgil et co. to entertain their followers? Perhaps. But most importantly, what the current situation is providing us with is a moment of pause. It’s a time to stop, reflect and acknowledge. And ensure we’re approaching the future with the most relevant strategies. There’s no way to digitally recreate the furor of watching the extraordinary costumes stream up the steps of The Met. But I for one am very happy to reflect and applaud all of the wonderful moments of years gone by.”

Read the full article here.


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